Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Green Building Gains Momentum

As the market is picking back up, we're seeing more and more new home construction and a flood of new buyers. In fact, recent studies from McGraw-Hill Construction show that one in five homes built in 2012 were considered 'green'.
The benefits of more sustainable homes come in many forms. Living in a high performance home provides a healthier indoor environment for families. Home owners can also expect cost savings due to durability and increased efficiency, and overall a more comfortable place to live. People say you can actually feel the difference when inside a home that's been built with sustainability in mind. 
It certianly doesn't hurt that studies also show home owners looking to sell a high performance home can expect to see a boost in the sales price. Single family homes with a green certification actually sell for about 9% higher than their non-green alternatives. So if you're looking to buy or sell your home soon, take a look at these numbers and studies to gain a clearer perspective on how sustainable features could benefit you and your family. If your home is newer, you may have a good number of efficient features already present! Click here to read more about this important housing shift.