Monday, September 15, 2014

Liven Up Your Landscape With Fall Edible Plants

I welcome the change in seasons. Gardening is my hobby and very much a part of my lifestyle. As summer comes to an end, I start thinking of preparing for fall and winter.  I add color, variety, and possibly food for the table by incorporating edible plants into my landscape.  Anyone can do it.  It doesn't take a large parcel of land to grow beautiful plants throughout the colder months that can also be eaten.   Containers such as hanging baskets and flower pots, flower boxes or a small sunny spot in the yard are ideal.

Collards and Onions In A Stone Raised Bed
Here's my list of favorite fall vegetable plants.

Turnip Greens
Collard Greens
Green Onions

I love planting different varieties of lettuce.  Here are a couple of links to growing lettuce.

Plant Lettuce For A Fall Vegetable Garden
Growing Lettuce In Spring Or Fall

Below is a link to a planting guide for vegetable crops in Alabama.

Planting Guide For Home Gardening In Alabama

A quick search online will net many ideas for filling those bare containers and spots in the landscape with both color and food for the table.  Here are a couple below.

Container Gardening
Raised Bed Gardening

For a minimal cost to buy seeds and plants, you can be on your way to having beauty in the yard and food in the belly.

Happy Fall Planting!

Sherry Adcock