Saturday, December 20, 2014

Small Business Benefits: Why You Should Shop Local this Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. By now you've heard about the value of shopping at neighborhood retailers during this holiday season. It's a good habit that can keep money in your community and reduces the environmental impact shopping can have.

Perhaps you've heard of Small Business Saturday, a celebration founded in 2010 by American Express that encourages consumers to shop locally.
Here are three things to know about the day, which took place the Saturday immediately following the mayhem of Black Friday.

1.    Local impact. According to American Express, 52% of what you spend by shopping locally stays in your community, which creates jobs and enlivens your local economy.
2.    Neighborhood character. People say they want to live in neighborhoods with character. By shopping at local businesses, you do your part to ensure that your retailers remain unique and that your streets aren’t overrun by national chains.
3.    Unique finds. Sure, it’s easy to go online and have the latest “it” gadget overnighted to you. But buying at local shops ups the chances that you’ll find something unique, personal, and memorable for gift recipients.
For a longer list of ten reasons to think local, take a look at this article from

Happy Shopping!

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